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who are we?
Quext came about from a desire to deliver knowledge to the masses. Whether you desperately need to know the time of the next train to Penzance, or just the name of that bloke who hosted the newer version of catchphrase, we can help (it’s Nick Weir by the way). One quick text and the answer is yours.

To achieve this we’ve got a team of brains waiting eagerly for your questions. Mix them with some clever technology and you’ve got a crack-squad. If you’ve ever watched the A-Team, you’ll know crack-squads get stuff done. You can text us anytime, day or night, and with the vast majority of questions answered within five minutes, we’re the ones to turn to when you really need to know.

If you want more information, you can email us at info@quext.co.uk. If you would like to work with us or have a business enquiry, please email business@quext.co.uk.

Quext is led by a young, yet experienced management team with a track record in mobile applications. Day-to-day support for the management team is provided by our uber-talented senior operators.

Helen Holland
Director, Business Development

Lots of the important responsibilities land on Helen’s desk; in fact, the title of ‘Business Development’ perhaps doesn’t do it justice! New business partnerships, advertising, HR – you name it, Helen probably does it.Helen has a track record in business administration, HR and social media engagement, as well as extensive experience in the SMS-find industry.Helen has a liking for dogs; her dog – Spangle – is the official Quext mascot.

Dean Kavanagh
Director, Technical Development

As head of technical development, Dean keeps a watchful eye over the software and hardware that run the Quext service. He doesn’t do much with the other one. Dean has a track record in software design and systems migration, along with extensive experience in the SMS-find industry. Dean has a PhD in Medicine from the University of Birmingham and an unhealthy addiction to 80′s music.

Management Team
Helen Holland
Business Development
Dean Kavanagh
Technical Development
Quext LLP is Limited Liability Partnership, registered in England and Wales, No. OC350289. Answers from Quext cost a £1, billed by reverse Premium SMS.