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what we cost
Money talks. So nowadays, who wants to be spending loads of money on directory enquiries or ask anything services? No-one, that's who. Answers from Quext cost £1. That's regardless of length - if we have to send you three text messages to get the answer across then that's what we'll do; at no extra charge. Plus, there's no additional charge to text us (of course, your standard network rate will apply).

Better still, if Quext can't find an answer for you, then we won't charge you. It really is as simple as that.

Just to save you looking around, here are the current pricing levels of the most popular ask anything/SMS directory enquiries services operating at the moment:

118118 - answers cost £2
63336 (AQA) - answers cost £2.50
65543 (Ask Ollie) - answers cost £2.50
66668 (Ask Bongo) - answers cost £2.50
82085 (Quext) - answers cost £1

OK, so we cheated by putting ours in again, but you get the point.
Answers from Quext cost £1. We don't charge you to text us. Normal network rates apply for that.
Maureen answers cost £2.50
Quext LLP is Limited Liability Partnership, registered in England and Wales, No. OC350289. Answers from Quext cost a £1, billed by reverse Premium SMS.