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we answer anything
Hi there. We're Quext. Our job is to stop you wondering about stuff. How many Pizza's can you fit in a phone box? What's the train journey time from Birmingham to London? Text QX and your question to 82085 and our crack squad of brains will send you back an answer, normally within 5 minutes. Guess what - it only costs a £1. Unlike some others, we can send up to four text messages worth of information at no extra charge. By the way, it's 87 pizzas and the train takes an hour and a half.

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We answer questions. Send QX and yours to 82085. It costs £1 per answer.
Could you work for us?
Recognise this? We deliver the answering element of the Maureen 118212 service
Quext LLP is Limited Liability Partnership, registered in England and Wales, No. OC350289. Answers from Quext cost a £1, billed by reverse Premium SMS.