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terms & conditions

These terms and conditions govern your use of the service, regardless of the route of entry for the questions. Please take the time to read these; they are important.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement

Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions are legally binding between you and Quext for your use of the services provided via SMS or the website. Please read them carefully. Every time you access the service via either the Website or SMS, you are confirming you accept and will comply with these conditions. The conditions set forward here are not transferable, and apply to you only.

2. By using the service via any route, you confirm that you have the legal ability to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

3. Quext reserve the right to refuse to answer questions they believe are unlawful or abusive. You must not use the service for any purpose which may contravene law, be obscene/threating or libellous. You must not act as a proxy for anyone to use service in a manner which may contravene law, be obscene/threating or libellous.

4. Neither Quext, it's operators, directors or anyone acting as an agent of Quext will be liable for any loss, damage, expenses, costs or detriment to you as a result of your using this service (or additionally, your inability to use this service). This limitation of liability does not apply where it has been proven beyond doubt that purposeful negligence/fraud has taken place.

5. Regardless of the communication medium by which our content is delivered, the information is sourced from third parties and is for your own personal use only. You should not use any response from Quext in a commercial manner. Responses sent by Quext are not suitable for basing decisions upon, such as those that involve transactions, trades, or legal activities (this list is not exhaustive).

6. Any responses provided should not be construed as advice or instruction. Quext does not offer professional advice, instruction or recommendations. Responses from Quext are for entertainment purposes only. Should you require legal or financial advice, please consult a solicitor or financial advisor. For medical advice, please contact NHS Direct 08454647. The information provided by Quext should not be used a basis for any decisions that have the potential to impact on your personal wellbeing, or the wellbeing of others.


8. The information provided by Quext may be sourced from external sources, including third-party websites. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these websites, nor is any opinion given forward by these sources endorsed by Quext. We do not take responsibilty for the content obtained from external sites.

9. We can withdraw the Quext service at any time that we feel is necessary. We reserve the right to terminate any agreements without requiring to provide you any notice. Additionally, you may terminate any agreement in writing, taking effect immediately upon reciept of your instruction. We reserve the right to remove any accounts of any users without notice or warning. We reserve the right to block your access to the service and/or website without warning. If you service has been blocked, we will endevour to inform you. If you continue to attempt to use the service after having been instructed your access is blocked, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee (£1) on each further message we have to process.

10. When using the Quext service, you agree that we may use your question and answer for publicity purposes unless you specifically instruct us otherwise. Questions we deem to be a personal nature, or unsuitable for display will not be released.

11. Use of the Quext service is by SMS using the short code, and keywords detailed. Charges will be deducted from your available credit time if you are a pre-pay customer or appear on your monthly statement if you are pay monthly customer. In the absence of any pre-existing credit with Quext, messages will be billed at £1 premium rate SMS. Where you are paying by reverse SMS, this will be in keeping with your agreement between you and your network operator. Where messages are free of charge, we will endevour - where possible - to quote this in our reply.

12. Charges are in addition to your network's standard messaging cost. The total cost will therefore be dependent on your network. Quext and/or any associated agents are not responsible for network, telephone line or communication failures of any kind or for questions that are incomplete or incomprehensible or not received. Such questions will be void.

13. Use of the service confirms that you are eligible to use the mobile phone concerned and have bill-payers permission.

14. We reserve the right to amend the charges for the service at any time. Any changes will be notified on www.quext.co.uk. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. We will provide notice of this via the Quext website (www.quext.co.uk).

15. To stop receiving marketing messages from Quext, text STOP to the relevant shortcode. To stop receiving email marketing messages, email info@Quext.co.uk with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line.

16. These terms and conditions are governed by English Law and both you and Quext agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts for issues arising from these Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, you agree that your use of the service will carried out in accordance with the laws of England. Should any issues/problems arise, you agree that they shall be exclusively dealt with by the English Courts.


Privacy Policy

Quext is pledged to preserve the privacy of all visitors to our website and those who respond to us by text whose data is transferred to our database. Information may include, but is not limited to, details such as your name, phone number and previous questions.

We may use email information you give us at Quext.co.uk to inform you about new services. If you would rather not receive this information, email info@quext.co.uk.

We will only disclose information in special cases when we have reason to believe that to do so is reasonably necessary to comply with the law or at the request of regulatory authorities. Other than these statutory controlled cases, we will not pass information about you to third parties for any reason.

Upon request we will provide you with information we maintain about you. You can request this information by writing to us at the address below or emailing info@quext.co.uk. Note that we will then provide the information using the medium which you used to provide it to us originally. If you then believe we hold incorrect information on you we will correct this error upon written request. We reserve the right to perform extra checks prior to releasing this information, in order to ensure your identity.

If we change our privacy policy, details will be provided on this page.


Customer Service Contact

Most customer service issues are better dealt with via the email addresses provided here. If you need to contact us by Telephone or Post, you can do so at:

524 Allesley Old Road,

Telephone: 02476 676 222

Quext LLP is Limited Liability Partnership, registered in England and Wales, No. OC350289. Answers from Quext cost a £1, billed by reverse Premium SMS.